Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The silence is broken at least


Let me start by thanking you for the overwhelming response we have got for Sach Ka Saamna. The response also translated to ratings. However, my happiness has got nothing to do with the ratings. Ratings matter to the channel. I am happy to see my country evolving. I was so moved while shooting each episode and i am so glad that there were so many who felt the same while watching it. This means that we are willing to break free from our pseudo approach to others. Double standards are dying. We cant have one rule for us and another one for someone else. As you watch other episodes unfold onscreen you will be pleasantly shocked and surprised to see that there are some people who will deserve a standing ovation not for what they have done but for the way they came forward, apologized and confessed. We all commit mistakes and we all hurt our close ones but how many of us accept it leave alone confessing and apologizing?

Though i am just the host of the show and i am not involved in any process right from the contestant selection to the making of questions yet i have believed in the show from day one. Some of us may think that the contestants come for money. I respect their way of thinking and would just like to say that not anyone has the courage to come and face the truth in front of the world even if the lure is money or publicity. To reveal truth about one's personal life is not easy. It hurts when people debate about the questions in the show related to their sexual lives and ignore all the other questions which revolve around more sensitive aspects of one's life. Are people voyeuristic or the contestants brazen? Mr Yusuf Husseins biggest moment was when he confessed about his mistake of being careless in the upbringing of his daughter (who is closest to him in this whole world). He broke down and so did his daughter. Every father and daughter in this country would relate to it but for a handful of people the only question that caught their fancy was about his sexual life. I leave it on your sensible minds to ponder over it.

Also i spoke to Smita Matai a few days back. It was one of the happiest moments of my life when she told me that everyone who walks up to her feels proud to have met her. People on the roads and in multiplexes where she has visited off late do not just recognize her but also acknowledge her courage and confidence. And more then that she and Tony(her husband) have come even more close since the episode was air. Isn't it a reflection of a growing, mature and positive India.

Anyway, i wish to also add that these are my personal views and by no standard are they better or superior to any one else's viewpoint. You can or cannot agree with the way i think. I respect everyone's viewpoint but all i hope is that we are progressive in our thinking.

Don't you think if nothing else at least the silence is broken? Its raining outside while i am writing this. Have to go for an interview. Time for me to face the truth. Keep smiling and keep spreading love.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

And finally, the long wait is over!

"Sach ka Saamna" finally premiered last night! Nerves are now rather settled and responses are flowing in. The culture of discussing intimate details or disturbing truths isnt really natural to Indians. So a format where a person's personal life is completely revealed in public was sure to start conversations.

Honestly, I didn't know how viewers would take to the concept of uncomfortable topics being discussed in their living rooms. Would they sympathize with them or judge them?

One thing is for sure. What emerges strongest is the courage of the participants. Most of all Smita (our first participant), who started us off quite strongly. Her revelations were deep set and her pain was apparent. But I think she came out stronger. That’s also the response I get from everyone who watched it.

I'd like to believe that this show has also strengthened the bond between Smita and her family. Now that they know what she really feels about things, I’m sure it would help resolve suppressed issues. Most of all I’m hearing that there is a strong resolve in her mother and husband to iron out these long held grievances.

A lot of people were quite surprised by how the show ended. People ask – if she says she told the truth and is sure about it, how does it come out wrong?
Did she answer differently in the polygraph? Or was the answer the same and the machine just caught a lie?

Well, either way – the truth is what it is and we just have to make our peace with it.

I hope the Matai family has too!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The day that will change the face of reality shows on Indian TV(or so i hope!)

Hi friends,

Finally, its the 15th of July. I've never waited for any release as anxiously as i have been waiting for this day. And i guess it's more out of excitement than anticipation. Excitement because i want to know whether India has matured to speak and listen to the truth...

I have always found, in loads, people who practice something and preach something else(that may include me at times but i am willing to accept it). It is very easy to form your opinion about anyone and live with it. Most of us probably do that. But have we ever peeped inside us and thought that we are all similar to an extent? We all have our own grey areas. The difference may just be in situations or circumstances but none of us have been 'perfect' all the time.
Sadly, forget about confessing these truths in front of others, we do not even admit them to ourselves in our own privacy. In such a scenario, when a few people come out and admit the truth in front of crores of people, they deserve not just appreciation but also a big 'Thank You'. Not for achieving anything but for setting an example, for encouraging many. However, this is completely my point of view. I am not generalisng it. You need not necessarily agree with me.

But i would love to know what each one of you thinks about the subject. Is it courageous to confess your most personal truths in front of the world or is it worthy of ridicule? Are we regressive or progressive in our thoughts and attitude?

Whatever your reaction, please let me know. I am open to all kinds of criticisms(if any), reactions and feedback.

My love and best wishes to all of you. Love and spread love.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On the edge of my seat...

Hello again.

In my last post, I mentioned how excited I was for the debut episode of my latest show, Sach ka Samna. Now that its just a few days away, I'm on the edge with anticipation.

Perhaps this is because its a new format of television, at least in our country. International TV though, has seen this form of reality show viz a vis The Moment of Truth, which Fox launched last year. Ever since I saw the first episode, I was hooked. Its one of those few shows which really makes you empathise with the contestant. You want them to win, and for that you want them to be honest. And it's really intriguing to find out just how often that could result in tears.

Add to that the fact that, as a part of the show, the contestants' families and friends are seated right in front of them, in the studio. And to top it all, there's a studio audience that makes the contestant feel all the more self-conscious. Talk about pressure....

As the show host of Sach ka Samna, I've been trying to retain those high levels of drama while still maintaining the overall dignity of the ones in the hot seat, and of their families. That's the biggest challenge though. And when the questions are on the realms of typical Indian hush-hush's, like sex and infidelity, it really does seem like I'm taking the contestant through the Agnipariksha.

But, at this stage, I wouldn't wanna give away too much about the show....You'll just have to tune in for that, as I hope you will. As always, I'm keen to read your comments about your views on the show, the dark secrets you wanna see revealed on it, and on just the newness of the format.

Dont forget to catch the first episode this Wednesday at 10.30 p.m on Star Plus. Till then, take care.

e-connect with Rajeev

Hey Guys, and welcome to my first blog post.

It's been a while since i've written a blog, so pardon me if there are a few glitches here and there. Just hang on tight and I’ll ensure it gets smoother. I thought of starting this blog to express what's going on and what I am feeling right now in my life.

I am currently most anxious and excited to see the response i get from you guys to my latest tv appearance, the reality show Sach Ka Saamna on Star Plus.
It’s a format I really believe in and the International version had me GRIPPED like everyone else. I hope we’re able to do as much justice to the show in our Indian avatar. I think what’s most exciting is the suspense and build up to the various revelations of common everyday Indian people.

The thing about it is that this is probably the most relatable show format as the truths revealed are mostly things so many of us go through and just never get down to admitting. So far there’s been mixed opinions on how this emotional roller coaster is poised – some say its public cleansing and others call it washing dirty linen in public. Either ways, I feel it will make great ripples. We'll pick this thought up again soon. In the meantime, keep sending in your comments and feedback. and let me know of ur expectations from the show.

Take care. See u soon!

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