Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On the edge of my seat...

Hello again.

In my last post, I mentioned how excited I was for the debut episode of my latest show, Sach ka Samna. Now that its just a few days away, I'm on the edge with anticipation.

Perhaps this is because its a new format of television, at least in our country. International TV though, has seen this form of reality show viz a vis The Moment of Truth, which Fox launched last year. Ever since I saw the first episode, I was hooked. Its one of those few shows which really makes you empathise with the contestant. You want them to win, and for that you want them to be honest. And it's really intriguing to find out just how often that could result in tears.

Add to that the fact that, as a part of the show, the contestants' families and friends are seated right in front of them, in the studio. And to top it all, there's a studio audience that makes the contestant feel all the more self-conscious. Talk about pressure....

As the show host of Sach ka Samna, I've been trying to retain those high levels of drama while still maintaining the overall dignity of the ones in the hot seat, and of their families. That's the biggest challenge though. And when the questions are on the realms of typical Indian hush-hush's, like sex and infidelity, it really does seem like I'm taking the contestant through the Agnipariksha.

But, at this stage, I wouldn't wanna give away too much about the show....You'll just have to tune in for that, as I hope you will. As always, I'm keen to read your comments about your views on the show, the dark secrets you wanna see revealed on it, and on just the newness of the format.

Dont forget to catch the first episode this Wednesday at 10.30 p.m on Star Plus. Till then, take care.


  1. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  2. hi rajeev,
    how r u?
    the first episode of sach ka samna is very good and i love to see u as a host of the show.
    but i just only say that u have to slightly improve ur self as a host,
    its not mean that u don't have the ability,i thik that nobody like u can host the show.
    one thing always remember that the people who loves u they also care for u

  3. Hey Rajiv,
    It is thrilling, Looking forward to see more! Honestly this is is the only one reality show which I am watching as of now,





  5. Hi Rajeev,

    First of all i would like to congratulate for bringing these kind of reality show on invdian television. Its really a very interesting show.Polygraph machin is amazing. you are too intelligent enough to handle this show. hats off to you Rajeev.. you are always my favourite. But Indian society has to improve to accept the real challenge. Please update this blog. I know you will take this show to the top. Wish you all the very best.
    Do update this blog.

    Best wishees,

  6. hi rajeev
    hoe r u?
    ur show is very good. but u are much better than ur show.plz keep doing movie like aamir
    tanmai, agra

  7. its an opportunity for the parents to think about their childrens b4 they get adolescence.
    time 2 think wives about their hubbies.
    and ofcourse a time to think every one who is living id dual existence.(Dr.Salman Abid,Hyderabad)

  8. hi rajeev.. u r too good as a host..
    U r to good as a actor.
    U r too good in movie as well as serial(Kahi to hoga)..
    U r wonderful person.
    Ur personality makes everything easy for u.
    Keep it up..
    Best of luck
    GOd bless you

  9. hiiiiiiii
    plz tell me how i applay to go in show sach ka samna

  10. Hi Rajeev

    Sach ka Samna is a very interesting and thrilling show and I really wanna participate on this.I want to know my limitation of facing the truth infront of my husband and parents.Plz tell me if there is any chance for me to participate.what type of people do you choose to participate in your show?
    There might be so many people filling up the forms to participate in sach ka samna,so what are my chances.

  11. Congrats Rajiv for a wonderful show, you are a very good anchor and the best part is you maintain the seriousness of the show and dont go over board with it. You handle the tense situation at ease during the show. You were also very impressive in your debut movie, so heres wishing you all the best for all your future endeavours.

  12. Hi....Rajiv....u r doing fantastic....your anchoring is too good...keep it up...

  13. hey rajiv you'r doing so well .. i watch TV when cricket match gng on .. i love this show .. ppl r coming here for facing the truth. after seen your last episode im also intrested to perticpiate. not for money but facing actuall truth of my life .. i know my relationship, bussiness must be spoil but i wuld like to face truth of my life...

  14. hi sir,

    this is one of ur fan...dis show is excellent...i follow daily...an u rock while hosting

  15. hi raj.i am a big fan of ur's.i just cum to know that u had a blog.so,i had recently joined it.i am a student,so didn't get enough time to surf.but whenever i do,i alway's update myself wid ur news.well,i hope that u will reply me.whenever u get time and hope u will not disappoint me.well i want to say that,since i hadn't watch Sks.but my freind told me that u were very good in the show.i was very disappointed to know that the show is off.well that's indian politics and the screwed politicians who can never digest good things happenig in our country.they can't do their work,just can uselessely comment on celebs,films and issues that have no seriousness.but neverthless whatever u do,ur all fans will always be with u,especially me.although my parents were also against this show.being a magistate,he has to be like this.also when i returned home after a long time&i asked about ur show ,he said just one thing about u that"this boy is really good,he shouldnot indulge in these kind of shows"that's all because of the political issues created on sks.well wish u good luck for ur upcoming films.hope i could see them soon.well please reply me.are u on orkut or that's a fake id.pls.................do reply me.eagerly waiting for ur response.


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