Thursday, July 16, 2009

And finally, the long wait is over!

"Sach ka Saamna" finally premiered last night! Nerves are now rather settled and responses are flowing in. The culture of discussing intimate details or disturbing truths isnt really natural to Indians. So a format where a person's personal life is completely revealed in public was sure to start conversations.

Honestly, I didn't know how viewers would take to the concept of uncomfortable topics being discussed in their living rooms. Would they sympathize with them or judge them?

One thing is for sure. What emerges strongest is the courage of the participants. Most of all Smita (our first participant), who started us off quite strongly. Her revelations were deep set and her pain was apparent. But I think she came out stronger. That’s also the response I get from everyone who watched it.

I'd like to believe that this show has also strengthened the bond between Smita and her family. Now that they know what she really feels about things, I’m sure it would help resolve suppressed issues. Most of all I’m hearing that there is a strong resolve in her mother and husband to iron out these long held grievances.

A lot of people were quite surprised by how the show ended. People ask – if she says she told the truth and is sure about it, how does it come out wrong?
Did she answer differently in the polygraph? Or was the answer the same and the machine just caught a lie?

Well, either way – the truth is what it is and we just have to make our peace with it.

I hope the Matai family has too!


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  2. Rajeev i think its not that interesting as musch As The Moment Of Truth is or may be i can say The contestant are not as bold as they come in THE MOMENT OF TRUTH. I think you should call College students first to make it popular because they are broadminded and you can also ask question like THE MOMENT OF TRUTH. And As i am always been a big fan of THE MOMENT OF TRUTH, i always wished when i saw THE MOMENT OF TRUTH to go on the show as i think i never hided anything from my family and friends. So tell me what the procedure. I m Prashant Kumar going to complete my M.Sc IT i am from delhi.

  3. Rajeev,

    Believe me - the show is in limelight. Everyday, I listen to others speaking about it.
    No wonder - the craftsmanship you shown in Aamir is taking new dimension.
    You respect the participants at the same time maitain the high adrenaline rush among us.
    I get palpitated during the show!

    You and Siddharth Basu deserve standing ovation.

    I am a reviewer in the major consumer site (as an amateur).

    I will be writing a review on the programme soon and share the link with you. The product is not listed in mouthshut as of now, but I have requested them to feature the same.

    All the best,


  4. Hi Raj,

    The opening of the show was amazing because it created a lot excitment. Trust me Raj, it was perfect, simply one of a kind to nothing can be better than this. The other thing that i wanted to say is that it was hard for Smita to come out and face the truth specially after 16 years of marrige and mothering two kids. She proved to be a real hero herself and I think that from now on she will have a new life with stronger bonds with her husband and mother. The other part, I appriciate it when you showed and cared for her emotions. I wish her a happy and tense free life. Good Luck Raj..


  5. Hey Raj,
    The show was absolutely prefect. Smitha showed immense courage and guts by admitting deep secrets not only in front of family members but entire India. Today Smitha has become a real role model for millions of people, including me. There were times were I found it very difficult to look at the screen and see her face the questions, because everyone can see the emotions swirling in her eyes...Your hosting was impecable......definately above the best...unlike any other hosts you cared for contestants and their emotional state. I can hardly contain myself for the next episode......I have high hopes set because I know you will never let me down. Good luck for the future my best wishes are always with you...

  6. Hi Raj,
    This show is perfect example of truth, Smitha had shown grate courage to admit secrets not only in front of her family but infront of entire india. I think she will be role model for millions of people like me. Few time I saw fear on her face as she was trying to say true which may distrube her family life,,, but she is brave head-off to her. Your hosting is best and wish you good luck for future.

    With regards,

  7. Hi Rajeev,
    Firstly, you look awesome with this new hairstyle. You must be my senior or junior in the school, i am a KVite from Ahmedabad. I have watched your new show...the concept and idea is good but I am just worried for the people who take part in the show and reply so genuinely...I hope and pray that you and the promotors of the show don't disturb there family life. It is a hard fact which you are playing with.

  8. Hey I have been waiting to see u on screen again in television since Left Right Left.I really liked everything abt u 4m ur first serial till ur movie.And after long awaiting u r back & its good to see u evryday.
    But genuinely i think ur hairstyle is not looking good on you.U look good in short hair just as u had in ur previous serials.I dont know but even ur health is deteriotated may dats why bt ur personaliy is just rocking.May be if u just cut ur hair short u'll look just killing coz dats ur look.
    Its just a suggestion definitely not 4m a blind admirer bt 4m true eyes of an audience.
    In any way u r always wished world of happiness & prayers

  9. hi
    the show is realy good.i liked ur way of asking questions,the way u respect them. but stil the last question that smitha told,she was confident.dont u think that will realy affect her life

  10. hi Raj...
    d show is just fantastic... n u r rocking..
    keep up d good work..
    n ya me n my family is really very happy dat v ll b able 2 c u daily..

  11. I believe that level of question ask are quite general. It is NOT exceptional or outstanding. I believe that level of question can be much more personal and hilarious. I am expecting that this may due to political acceptance of show and will be considered in near future. I would love to see real power of "truth".

  12. Hi Rajeev..

    First of all hats off to u for hosting the show n sharing those sad n emotional moments of participants so brilliatly.. U r the best n u wl always b the best..

    I wud like to say that Smita Matai is a real hero coz saying truth in front of everybody needs lots of courage but i hope now her bond wid her family will be much more stronger but i wish that she cud hv won coz even after speaking truth she didnt got anything. Now i hope that she wl get love and faith of her family... i wish her a happy life further

    Wish u all the luck n lots of love...

    U n the show rocks!!!

  13. Hi, Rajeev pliz take a hair cut dude..!! Its totally intolerable & look totally messy..!!

  14. Rajeev... I am Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993! I would love to participate in the show! Having reached the source of all wisdom in the Cosmos... Bhagavad Gita is like ABCD to me. I impart wisdom of Bhagavad Gita to world community the way Krishna did to Arjuna through my websites- and

  15. Hi Rajeev,

    This is sameer ... we watch regularly this show , & it's really the best, good see you after long time , your film AAMIR was outstanding, good work, expecting another good filem from you, Regarding this show , it's definetly interesting, It will definetly change the trend in India of excepting the facts / truth. While ending the show you must incourage all audiences that come "If you have guts then face it" be in the show, or tell them what is one truth you face with your family / freinds today. Bcoz after speaking truth or facing truth you automatically becomes confident, you feel really good. Good hosting but there is something lacking in your hosting, put some more spice, some more drama in it, after all it's entertainment, involved with contestant try to get his feeling out, show is totally depend on you , how you get involved your participate, bcoz there part is only to say "YES" or "No", but the pressure they are facing or building in themselves has to be out, Anyway , you will improve, good work keep it more thing if possible get one politician on the shown, it will be history, If any politican come in this show , definetly he will get a valuable publicity thats No doubt & it will be for ever, bcoz this show builds a image / charater of the participate in audience mind. it will be very usefull for them too, but somebody has to face it....Godd luck for your career & for the show...keep on entertaining

  16. Show is Awsome, looking forward to participate, pls tell how to participate in the show.


    Vikas Madaan

  17. Hi Rajeev,

    The show has started really well and it seems that it has got a good response from viewers too since I've been hearing a lot from my friends and colleagues.

    But, you have a tough task ahead since you'll have to be innovative to keep the TRPs high and prevent viewers from getting bored by monotony.

    Good luck! :)

    Warm regards,


  18. let me watch it and get back to you.. BTW what next after Aamir on big screen?

  19. Hi! Rajeev,

    I am quite confused about the lie detector. Some questions where the topic is taboo, the contestant or anybody for that matter might get a change in their pulse or BP or both; in such case how does the lie detector say that the answer given is false - even when given true.
    For example, you ask "Have you ever been molested?"
    The contestant might say No, if they really have never been molested. But this question might cause the contestant's body to react in a certain way, which would cause changes in the polygram. How does the machine decide that the answer given is true or false?
    In such a case, since we are prejudiced about such a topic and unreported such cases, we assume that the contestant is lying.
    So i would like to know how would one judge the correctness of the polygraph machine?

    Another thing, the fact that 23 countries are using that machine, does not certify that a contestant doesnt win any thing for being candid about himself, his past, etc.

    You have done an amzing job of hosting the show, yes. But i would really appreciate if you can respond to my question above.

    Best Wishes

  20. Rajeev,
    your extremely good looking man. but this day i see u rajeev u body thin this day why.

  21. saw the two episodes.... I guess this show needs some changes to make it viewable and accepted.

    The sets looks so lavish, similar to that of KBC or even better,but the show fails to impress or attract attention. Moreover, the lie detector itself seem to have pit falls. So problem @root level boss..

    You seem to host the show very fast, try to be a bit slow, easy, calm with the contestants.. let that silent gaps be there when you speak... You need to improve on making ppl comfortable on the show.

    chalo then... good luck

  22. One more thing, the ppl who come with such GUTS to face the camera and whole world, deserve some appreciation and gift. At the least the money they earn should go with them, instead of sending them empty hands when they go wrong. If not the show could be KBC format, where if they cross certain amount, its sure that at least they will carry of that much though they fail next or not.

  23. Hi Rajeev...
    My friend Jia is a very huge fan of yours. We oftenly talk about you and how dare anyone say a wrong word about you in front of her. She is crazy and mad about you and ur show.
    Everytime the show telecasts even the repeats and even each and every trailer or ad is telecasted she sits and sees it without blinking her eyes.
    She is crazy about you and the show...

    Good work...
    Wish u and ur show a very high success and best wishes.

    And please suggest some cure for my friends maddness for u...
    Take care...

  24. Hi!! Your new show 'Sach Ka Saamna' is great Show!, I saw this type of show for the first time on Indian television. It is expected to gain huge popularity among Indians, but certainly Sach Ka Saamna will be responsible for various problems in society and families due to the kind of Questions asked. But i will be watching it daily!

  25. HI! Rajeev your show rocks

  26. Fiza

    HI! Rajeev your show is great.Jahan tak pehle episode ka sawaal hai hum matai family ke bare mein kitna bhi positive kyun na sochle jaisa aapne kaha the truth is what it is and we just have to make our peace with it kya woh log bhi aisa hi sochte honge.Woh aakhri sawaal ke wajah se kya tony kabhi smita par yakeen karega.Kahin woh aakhri sawaal ke wajah se koi affair na shuru karde.Ab you will accuse me of negativity.Magar phir bhi zindagi bhar ek shak to dil mein rahega hi.Phir bhi i hope ke woh log hamesha khush rahein saath rahein.Waise aap pehle episode mein kafi handsome lag rahe the.Mujhe lagta hai ke is show par 99% log paise ke liye hi aate hain koi ek do hi honge jisko unko kiye par pachtava hota ho aur sach bolne aate honge.Aur jahan tak doosre aur teesre episode ka sawaal hai that man really sucks aap ke expressions se bhi pata lag raha tha ke aap ko bhi woh aadmi pasand nahi aaya aur jahan tak questions ka sawaal hai aap questions poochte waqt s** ke badle physical relationship kahenge to kam offending rahega hamari indian soceity ke liye aur parents ke saamne bhi kam akward lagege.Aur aap doosre aur teesre episode mein pehle episode se bhi zyada handsome lag rahe the.Aap fourth episode mein jaise hi camera door jata aap apne baal thik karne lagte hai to main aapko bata doon dear aap ko pareshan hone ki koi zaroorat nahi hai kyunke aap fourth episode mein aur bhi zyada cute aur handsome lag rahe the wasie aap karte kya ho ke aap din ba din aur bhi cute aur handsome hote jarahe ho.Aap logo ne accha kiya jo chairs badal diye uspar contestants shayad kaafi uncomfortable mehsoos kar rahe the.Rajeev mujhe ek baat samaj nahi aati ke zyada tar insaan apni zindagi ek saathi ke saath kyun nahi bita sakte kyun dhoka karte hai.Mujhe to lagta hai ye show dekhne ke baad logon ko kisi par vishwas he nahi rahega.Maine aap ka interveiw headlines today par dekha mujhe yeh samaj nahi aaya woh logon ne aap ko kyun bulaya unhe to siddhart basu ko bulana chahiye tha siddhart basu he producer hai is show ke aap to sirf host hai un logon ko aap par aise chillane ka koi haq nahi banta.Waise aap ko gussa bohot jaldi ajata hai.Rajeev mujhe jo laga woh maine likha agar aapko in mein se koi bhi baat buri lagi hoto aap mujhe bata sakte hai.Good luck rajeev.My best wishes to you.
    Lots of love

  27. Hi Rajeev

    Your show is very nice
    my self gautam im from new delhi
    and i want to play ur game show pls give a chance
    pls mail me

  28. Hi Rajib
    I live in US but never mis the recorded programs in busy week days too. I am a scientist and I work on MRI brain mapping. I know it's hard to detect a professional lier. But if a person's statement is detected untrue we should believe it in poligraphic test. However, I am unsure what is your threshold settings for the test (I think it's slightly up). At this point I have a suggestion don't let participants go empty handed for one statement..., they are not criminals. Step them down by one step, for example who already won a million and strugling for 2.5 millions let them step down to 0.5m (5 laks or 1 lakh at least). It's shocking to see them going empty handed with a pale face.

  29. Hi Rajiv,
    The SKSI was wonderful..we are eagerly waiting for SKSII...good luck.

  30. Dear Rajeev, i saw your interview in aap ki adalat...i must appreciate the way to answered the questions...its a great show...thanks for bringing this kind of shows...people will against this...because whenever you start a new and good things this society will refuse to accept because we are like this..but somebody has to change this..and thats your programme...keep doing well next time when you go to such shows like aap ki adalat bring these feedbacks to answer rajat's questions....

  31. Hello Rajiv jee,i am a very big fan of yours. i just love the way you speak... SACH KA SAAMNA is a very good show i must say... i think one who is opposing this show, must have done many things bad in his life. you are doing a very nice job. keep it up... good luck.

  32. hello,rajeev first of all congrats for your marriage kafi late wish kar rahi hu but mein abhi connect hui hu apse i am one of the biggest fan of yours plz come back soon with sach ka saamna and best of luck for your up coming film soundtrack.


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